Why use offshore white label SEO services?

This month we’ve asked the training team at Ranking Rabbit to explain more about how white label SEO might be the best solution for Offshore companies.


White label SEO simply means that an SEO business will offer their service under another company’s brand name.  As far as the client is concerned they are only dealing with the company, as the SEO provider stays anonymous. White label benefits both the SEO provider and the reseller. It’s a way of and SEO service provider to their service under another company name, so the client is only really dealing with the company. Companies offer SEO services as it makes their business look better, as online marketing is a very competitive business.

This agreement is becoming more popular as both sides gain from it; a company, who knows little, if anything about SEO, can buy and resell an SEO service. The client still remains under their company name and the provider will gain more clients, from businesses wanting to resell SEO services. SEO in general helps web-based businesses improve their online reputation and reach out to potential clients. However, white label is becoming more popular amongst online businesses. The price range between these is different because normal SEO services can hire the finance of small businesses. Whereas with white label SEO the company chooses the price, so they can choose a cheap service package, so they will get the same assistance, just paying less money.


Starting an SEO business can be extremely challenging, being helped by a provider who offers white label, makes starting a business a lot easier. An SEO company will offer professional services helpful for your company, even if you don’t know anything about SEO, it allows you to set it up and sell it to clients. The agreement is mutually beneficial. As they are the provider it makes the reseller’s job much easier, but they also understand the advantages which come from this. They will have their own personal clients but also the clients of the reseller, this means that their business size will increase.


Many online businesses are facing a decline in revenue. So the resellers are offering a chance for the providers to increase their revenue effortlessly. The resellers are the ones who find the clients, whilst the provider does their business but stays anonymous. It’s important that the provider stays anonymous to the client, because then the client only speaks to the reseller. This creates a good relationship between the client and the reseller, plus stays under the reseller’s company brand. This is why white label is beneficial for the client as they get the service need, the reseller gets more clients and the provider as their business size increases and they get more clients.