Want to become a more skilled Personal Trainer?


If so then here’s how, take up a sports massage therapy course. This course will be anywhere from 6 days to a few weeks long depending on where you go. This course is suitable for someone who wants to start or further a career in sports massage. You will be providing this skill to a wide range of clients such as athletes and those suffering from repetitive strain injury.

sportsmassage1If your already working as a personal trainer or coach, adding this to you current skills  means  you will have another service to offer, so you will get more clients as you don’t need to refer them to someone else. If your just starting as a massage therapist without the qualifications in personal training, then you will probably been self employed therefore you will be able to decide your own hours, although i would recommend offering weekend and evening appointments to meet you clients availability. You can earn £25-£60 an hour as well as tips and possibly commission if you sell beauty products.

If you want to have a job in sports massage therapy it will help if you have a GCSE in human biology or biology or a certificate in anatomy and physiology, although you don’t have to. During your training you will study areas such as first aid, effects of massage and anatomy. You could then go on to specialise in a specific branch of massage such as Indian head massage, sports massage and body massage.

If you want to do this course a great training provider to do it with would be FLM training, they provide a Level 3 Diploma in sports massage therapy, this course last 6 days with an extra day for the assessment and cost £1199. To do this course you must be aged 16 years old or over.  Performing sports massage is a physical activity, so learners will need to be fit enough to do this. When doing this job you can work in a variety of organisations such as rehabilitation clinics, coaching facilities, sporting organisations and more.

This course is very practical, as you can only learn so much from a book; they think the best way to learn is to do it for yourself. All of their tutors have a lot of experience working with companies such as NHS, Private clients and even athletes. This course is currently available in Manchester and Cardiff.

For more information please see https://flmtraining.co.uk/courses/sports-massage-course/