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Developing the ‘Samanikethanaya’ Initiative in Sri Lanka

What is Link?
Link Overseas Exchange is a small charity (SCO 22028) which was established in 1992.  Link has provided opportunities for young people to live and work overseas as part of a year out for more than sixteen years.

In February 2008, Link’s work refocused to that of aid development programmes, bringing the volunteer programme to a close.  Link’s main project is now the Samanikethanaya centre in Sri Lanka.  This centre is due for completion by spring 2008.

Link will also continue its close association with Friends of Deep Griha UK, to support fundraising for a social welfare project in southern India. Latest Newsletter

Meaning ‘House of Peace’, Samanikethanaya is now the focus of Link’s work.  It is a vocational training centre, located in central Sri Lanka, at which people in Scotland can make a contribution.

The objective of the initiative is to create partnerships between Sri Lanka and Scotland, thereby to create an exchange of skills and knowledge.  The cultural interaction will promote understanding, as well as mutual social benefit and commercial opportunities in both countries.

Click here to read more about Samanikethanaya

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There are organisations in Scotland working in partnership with this initiative, perhaps you are an employee or associate of one.  If so, a placement or field trip at Samanikethanaya may be available to you.  Click here to see the list of Partners of Samanikethanaya

Link also requires skilled people wishing to attend on an individual basis.  Link has many years’ experience of coordinating placement programmes in India, Sri Lanka, China, Nepal and Georgia.  Click here to learn how you can Contribute at Samanikethanaya.

Friends of Deep Griha UK
The Deep Griha Society is a social welfare project working in slum areas of the city of Pune, in Maharashtra, India.  Friends of Deep Griha UK is a charitable organisation working to raise funding for the project, through fundraising events and individual donations.  Link was integral in the setting up of the friends’ network, and continues to play an active role in its activities in Scotland.


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