Have You Ever Visited Canada? You’ll need Canada ETA Visa

If not then maybe you should think about going there for your next holiday whether it’s with family or alone you’re sure to love it. Canada is a fantastic place to stay as the locals are friendly, the area is amazing as well as beautiful and then there’s the stunning Angel falls, which you can visit during your stay. Recently Canada has started with an ETA Visa this is an electronic travel authorization visa. This allows you to visit Canada for business such as meeting up with clients, tourism for example a family holiday with sightseeing and also for transit so if you are just passing through Canada. There are requirements when you are applying for an ETA visa such as that you need to have a valid passport and enough money for your stay. If you have no fly orders or a criminal record then you will be rejected; this is to protect Canada’s border. This visa must be obtained by anyone who is travelling from a visa free country, including children. (more…)